As music educators, we want our kids to excel in all aspects of life. One of the most valuable gifts is helping kids explore and nurture their talents and interests in music and movement from an early age. After-school music and movement classes instill essential life skills like discipline, teamwork, and creativity. Let’s explore the benefits of three of our most exciting and popular music classes for kids: piano lessons, rock band, and hip-hop dance.

One of Our Top Music Classes for Kids Is Piano

The piano is a great foundational instrument for any child. It’s extremely visual, and any musician who starts on a piano will always have that visual foundation and memory of the notes. It’s also a helpful way for kids to develop skills with patterns and combinations. 

Practicing scales and learning to read sheet music helps kids learn discipline and patience. Over time, both the student and teacher will notice gradual improvements won through practice! As kids learn to play pieces and perform in front of others during yearly recitals, this boosts their self-confidence tremendously.

Another Big Favorite is Rock Band

Though we love a traditional music education, Rock Band is a fun and accessible way to break the mold. We teach kids how to play in a group of other musicians. Everyone has a different role, from the lead singer to the guitarist and percussion. Mixing things up is a fun challenge for each band member. Plus, the kids love learning some of their favorite musicians and tracks. 

We encourage our Rock Band students to get imaginative and explore improvisation and vocal styles. A huge overlooked benefit of Rock Band is helping students overcome stage fright, gain confidence in front of an audience, and learn how to interact with a crowd! 

Hip-Hop Keeps Kids on the Move

Dancing is an excellent way to explore rhythm and sound while engaging the body. Hip-Hop is a fun class for our kids attending After School Music Academy. It means movement to fun music and a great way to burn energy at the end of a long school day. 

Dance uplifts, unites, and empowers children. It also serves as a healthy outlet for stress and emotions. Learning hip-hop is a social skill they will use and appreciate lifelong, as many weddings and social events incorporate elements of it. Learning routines is also a great memorization exercise, especially when practicing for a performance. 

Moving in a group is an important skill in dance. Our hip-hop class includes instruction on how to move to choreography together and independently. Some students may not enjoy contact sports or exercise that require competitiveness. But hip-hop allows them to move and find expression without feeling pressured or needing to excel.

With Music and Movement, Students Benefit the Most

As music and movement educators, we always strive to help kids have new experiences and explore their passion for the arts. Our top music classes for kids inspire students to become better performers and well-rounded individuals; to us, that’s a win-win. If this sounds like programming you want to introduce to your district, contact us to start a conversation about how to get these offerings to your students!