ASMA has grown over eight years to serve thousands of students weekly in the music and arts. With nearly 100 music and arts instructors, we partner with school districts to bring the best programming to California. Our founder’s top goal is to get more music into schools where kids do not traditionally receive an arts education. Here’s how we make After School Music Academy a leading arts and music academy and build successful ELOP programs across our state.

Experienced Teachers and Music Aficionados

Learning music professionally takes a special skill set while still having the flexibility to work with kids. Our art and music academy teachers are hand-selected by our owner for their giftedness at both. We make sure our teachers have the musical chops, real-world experience, and gentleness required to work with kids in grades K through12. In addition, we select teachers from diverse backgrounds which means kids are enriched with various styles and musical perspectives.

Good Recommendations and Reviews by Other Districts

A friend or colleague’s words count for a lot, especially when you’re searching out the right art and music academy provider for your district. It’s important to read up on the reputation of your ELOP music and arts provider. Here are a few questions that are good to ask before you start working with a program provider for your after-school program:

  • How long has the provider been in business? 
  • What is the background or experience of the staff involved in the program? 
  • What school districts are they working with now?
  • What are the specifics of class offerings, and what are the student-to-staff ratios?

An Art and Music Academy With Heart

In addition to a strong STEAM curriculum and lessons for every class, we infuse our subjects with heart and soul. When we love what we do, that transmits to the student’s passion for whichever subject they’re learning. This aligns with our inspiration from the work of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki whose philosophy suggests that children pick up and excel at music more easily if modeled by loving instructors. That’s why we focus on what we do and how we do it. 

Meet our cadre of teachers who are also talented performers, composers, soloists, and recording artists with one thing in common: our collective desire to transmit a passion for music to the next generation

Diversity of Cultural Experiences Through Music

We are here to teach the basics and to grow kids’ appreciation for the rich cultural history of where their favorite type of music comes from. We introduce students to jazz, hip-hop, rock, soul, classical, and contemporary genres, including lessons about the music’s cultural background and history of origin. Our music teachers are also from diverse backgrounds, receiving their music education and training in places like India and Puerto Rico. This gives students a vast and connected experience of the roots of the music they’re playing.  

Classes Students Actually Like 

Beyond music, we’re an academy that believes in movement. This is why we offer martial arts, hip-hop dance, cheer, yoga, and mindfulness. Kids must move, explore rhythm, and release their energy after long school days. Whether that’s on the dance floor or in a focused yoga pose, we provide opportunity for it all. 

Cheer, world drumming, and drumline/marching are three recent additions to our programming that include the evolving interests of our students. In these classes, students can learn creative movement skills, performance routines, and the nuances of percussion, including tenor, snare, bass, and more. 

Choose ASMA for Your After-School Art and Music Academy 

Choose a provider for your after-school art and music program with heart, experienced teachers, and diverse course offerings for students in your district. These are signs you have a successful partnership with a program provider. Contact us about customizations with After School Music Academy’s classes, setup questions, or space accommodations. Our team can provide you with all the information you need!