We believe there’s creativity in every kid’s soul. At After School Music Academy, this belief fuels our mission to bring music and movement courses to children at the earliest ages. This is confirmed the more we know about the benefits of music education, scientifically and with our 20 years of experience.

An ELOP after-school program provides a critical, creative lifeline to students who wouldn’t ordinarily get private music lessons. If social and emotional growth learning is your target, learn how After School Music Academy provides students with hands-on STEAM learning, fosters joy in the learning journey, and establishes trustworthy partnerships with school districts. 

Providing Students With Hands-On STEAM Learning

STEAM learning stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics courses. While daytime class hours focus on the STEM aspects of learning, After School Music Academy provides arts programming. This is one of the most neglected aspect of children’s education. 

Students deeply enjoy hands-on learning, as most of the academic day is spent sitting at desks. ASMA’s unique combination of music and movement classes, means students take classes like cheerleading, martial arts, yoga and mindfulness, and rock band. 

Your students can direct their creative energy into the arts with energetic offerings like these instead of the usual homework-to-recess routine. 

Letting Kids Be Kids by Making Learning Joyful

Kids love our ELOP after-school program. And in a non-pressurized environment where creativity can flourish, so do our students. Keeping students in school means engaging not just their minds but their imaginations. 

Fun is something we genuinely encourage and build into our programs. We don’t want kids to feel like this part of the day is drudgery. Our whimsical staff of instructors is professional and engaging as they work with students from all backgrounds and communities. 

Sustainable ELOP After-School Program Partnerships Backed by a Commitment to Quality

We know the importance of a consistent ELOP after-school program provider for school districts. Teacher absenteeism and inconsistency can be a problem among out-of-state music program providers, but not with After School Music Academy! 

Founded in California, we know the ins and outs of music education and have designed our bespoke programs to cater directly to school districts. Our method is boutique, adaptive, and reliable. Beyond the basics, we foster uniquely creative courses incorporating modern influences and student input. 

Responsibility and preparedness are the hallmarks of our programs. We can work with variable spaces and availability for our classes. Our flexibility means preparation for class setup and tear down and working with hours that suit the district’s programming needs. 

Nurture Creativity and Excitement in Your Students With After School Music Academy 

If you’ve been waiting to partner with the right ELOP after-school program provider, try After School Music Academy! Get a no-obligation quote from one of our ELOP program specialists to determine if what we do fits your school district correctly.