The schools we serve.

All of our music enrichment programs are committed to helping kids thrive. We create programs that help to expand their imaginations by offering new experiences for expression and play.

Music enrichment programs and movement-based arts are our specialty.

We do this with the help of California’s top arts and music educators. Our teacher’s backgrounds span from performance and composing to education and theater. After School Music Academy has a growing footprint across California school districts, including public, charter, and independent schools.

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Our school districts.

After School Music Academy proudly serves hundreds of schools across California. We cover independent, private, and public school districts from the Bay Area to the Inland Empire with our top-tier music enrichment programs. Partner names available upon request.

Find After School Music Academy Programs Near Me

Homeroom is the scheduling platform we use for individual schools and PTA programs. For those seeking class times, term information, and sign ups for your school district, please find your school’s name below. If you do not see the information you need or have more questions about specific music enrichment programs, please reach out to us via our contact form.

What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Music Enrichment Programs?

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Boutique Method & Reliable Instructors

We know the ins and outs of music education for kids like few other companies. Our method is boutique, adaptive, and reliable. Responsibility and preparedness is essential for every educator we employ. We’re known for our proactivity, organization, and professionalism. We keep kids on a reasonable schedule where we ask for their time and attention and pay the same respect to our students by arriving ready.

On-Site Flexibility and Setup

We allow parents to keep their kids in school after-hours in a safe and supervised way. And more than that, students deeply enjoy time spent in these music enrichment programs instead of the usual homework-to-recess routine. Schools desire for kids to spend more directed hours in the arts during these crucial after school hours, and we provide this ready-fit capability with flexible setup parameters and class equipment. 

Letting Kids Be Kids

It’s no secret that not every child loves school. The environment of relentless testing and achievement is stressful for kids. Instead of trying to change their minds, we give them something else to love about school. We aim to reframe negative associations to school by handing them an instrument they love, teaching them to breathe in a meditation class, or by having them cut loose in a hip hop dance class. 

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