At After School Music Academy, we believe learning is a joyful journey filled with exploration, creativity, and inspiration. Our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program embodies our innovative approach to education. 

Gone are the days when kids had to repeat the same tired musical scales. Learning should always be an adventure. That’s why our boutique music and movement lessons are packed with excitement, inspiration, and an enriching curriculum that kids enjoy.

Our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Caters to Individual Student Strengths

Among the program’s highlights are the unique movement classes. While other Expanded Learning Opportunities Program providers might offer traditional sports-based programming, ours caters to individual pursuits like martial arts, yoga, and hip-hop dance.

We understand that each child has unique learning preferences and abilities. That’s why our experienced instructors ensure every student receives personalized attention and support on their educational journey. Our students can pursue these physical activities solo or in a group setting, which encourages healthy habits into adulthood. 

Space to Play: The Missing Component in Most Classrooms 

At After School Music Academy, our small class sizes foster a nurturing and inclusive environment where students feel empowered to explore, experiment, and express themselves freely. The daytime class schedule for most students is grueling at best and unfulfilling at worst. 

Beyond standardized testing and traditional subjects, kids have few opportunities to be kids. Or to let their imaginations run free in the arts without the pressure to perform well or the dread of the endless homework cycle. Kids can learn perseverance, resilience, and adaptability through the arts.

Get Top-Tier After-School Music Education With ASMA 

Education extends beyond the walls of the classroom. Our Expanded Learning Opportunities Program provides students with enriching experiences that deepen their appreciation for arts and culture. Through a curriculum that exposes students to diverse perspectives and traditions and performance opportunities to shine, students get an expanded education that outlasts test scores and semester grades. 

We aim to create experiences for kids that inspire, empower, and uplift. Interested in this for your district? Reach out to ASMA and get a conversation going about your needs. We partner with over 15 California districts and are happy to accommodate your needs.