After School Music Academy started with a simple belief: kids deserve a space to express themselves at school freely. So, we made it our mission to bring experiences into schools where kids don’t traditionally receive an arts education. Now over 20 years later, we model this as our central goal with our music and arts California ELOP program, focused on K-8 school districts. Here are a few benefits of going with a provider like ASMA over others for your district. 

Get a California ELOP Program With Diverse Curriculum

We’ve had time to refine and build out our programs. Thanks to our amazing and talented core staff of music educators, we infuse music theory, performance skills, cultural awareness, and history into our music and arts curriculum

We offer various music classes, including instrumental lessons, vocal training, music theory, composition, and ensemble performances. Our comprehensive curriculum ensures students receive a well-rounded music education and meet all basic ELOP requirements to qualify for Prop 28 funding.  

Benefit From Qualified Instructors 

Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced musicians passionate about teaching kids. They create a nurturing and inspiring environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. We vet and hand-pick our instructors to maintain the highest music education standards while also having fun. 

Our teachers have varied backgrounds and specialties, with experience working with children of all ages, managing group lessons, and mastering the arts. Every teacher we hire undergoes a LiveScan background check vetted by the California Department of Justice and the FBI Department of Justice to ensure they’re cleared to work with kids. 

Enjoy Flexibility With Classroom Setup

We understand each school has unique scheduling requirements. Our California ELOP programs are tailored to your school’s timetable, ensuring minimal disruption to the regular academic schedule. We also know different districts vary in resources available to after-school programs. 

Classroom sizes and hosting spaces vary per district, and we can accommodate a wide range of classroom sizes, gyms, and other flex spaces for our programming. We arrive set-up and tear-down ready and even provide instruments depending on arrangements made with each district.

Plenty of Opportunities to Perform

We believe in showcasing students’ achievements and boosting their confidence through performances. Twice-yearly recitals and performances allow students to showcase their progress to peers, families, and school communities. Performances teach students the importance of good posture, voice projection, memorization, and maintaining confidence in front of their peers. These essential life skills will serve them well as they move on to give speeches or presentations in their adult lives. Not to mention, they have so much fun showing off what they’ve learned! 

The Holistic Benefits of Arts Enrichment

Music and movement courses are undeniably good for kids. Over time, music exposure is linked to enhanced gray matter in the brain, helping with emotional regulation and empathy skills. The perseverance of learning a new skill set is a positive challenge for students who also may struggle academically or with sports. Our programs not only focus on musical skills but foster essential life skills. Students learn the value of teamwork, self-expression, and problem-solving through collaborative projects and group performances.

For a California ELOP Program, Choose After School Music Academy

We would be delighted to collaborate with your school and bring our exceptional after-school music programs to your students. Please contact us with specific questions or visit our FAQ page to discuss the possibilities of opening our ELOP programs for your district. We’re excited about the possibilities of enriching your student’s education through the power of music.