As parents and educators, we all want the best for our children. And part of that means maximizing the potential of our kids through creativity and play. The primary passion of our music and dance academy is to nurture the gift of expression. Let’s dive into how our unique, contemporary offerings help kids achieve measurable growth, advancements in STEAM learning, and important soft skills. 

Contemporary, Engaging Lessons With Our Music and Dance Academy

Have you seen the excitement in a child’s eyes when they hear a song on the radio they recognize? At After School Music Academy, we specialize in that feeling. Our contemporary music and movement offerings, like Rock Band and Cheer, offer exciting and appropriately challenging lessons. Many of our music and movement educators incorporate current hits and Kidz Bop tracks to keep kids engaged. The classes that use these methods are among our most popular offerings because kids recognize themselves in the music they’re learning. 

Active engagement of students is a sign of a good teacher. With After School Music Academy, you’ll never get iPad babysitting or disengaged or burned-out instructors. Our staff show up energetic and ready to teach with enthusiasm. 

Qualified Teachers: The Dream Team

ASMA is committed to giving each child the highest quality music and creative education possible. We believe in the potential of the human spirit when it is given an environment for creativity and play. We hire educators who embody these qualities in their courses and curriculum. 

Beyond teaching, it’s important to After School Music Academy to place the highest caliber individuals in our classrooms. That’s why our talented music and movement educators have prior experience working with children and have undergone a LiveScan background check vetted by the California Department of Justice and the FBI. Safety is a must, and we take our commitment seriously to keep kids in our programs safe.

Life-Changing Music Through STEAM Learning

At ASMA, we believe in music education that’s both enriching and enjoyable. But measurable outcomes help us understand if it’s working or not. That’s where some academic research comes in handy! The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health recently released a study on after-school programs in 16 under-resourced communities of L.A. with some encouraging results. 

Participants in the Harmony Project, established by UCLA Fielding School of Public Health graduate Margaret Martin, tested higher in reading, math, and writing after engaging in music-based mentoring programs when compared to non-participants. Researchers found that those scoring in the lowest brackets before the study improved their scores the most. This is powerful evidence to attest that music-based after-school programs not only work but contribute directly to all regular class-time learning outcomes. 

Right Resources in the Right Places

ASMA understands that not all schools have the same budget or funding. This is why it’s fundamental to our ethos to offer flexible programs for districts working within limited means of space, equipment, or scheduling parameters. 

Every child should have access to quality music education, regardless of their school’s limitations. We work closely with ELOP coordinators and school district administrators to create sustainable music programs that meet their specific requirements.

Our experienced team can adapt to the available space and equipment, ensuring students receive the best music education possible. We offer flexible class sizes, from one-on-one lessons to small groups, allowing us to accommodate different learning environments. This flexibility is key to ensuring that music education is accessible to all students.

High-Quality Access to Music Education With After School Music Academy

After School Music Academy is more than just a music and dance academy; it’s a life-changing experience for children. Our qualified music teachers take the time to match each student in the best age grouping for their skills and abilities. Our contemporary offerings cater to diverse musical interests and provide opportunities for students to explore and excel in their chosen fields. We understand the unique challenges that school districts face and work collaboratively to create sustainable programs that make music education accessible to every student. Contact us to discuss what your district needs. We’re excited to speak with you!