Introducing kids to music and the movement arts is one of the greatest jobs in the world. Kids are eager learners and acquire new skills quickly, whether that’s with practice scales in chorus or warm-up exercises in martial arts. We’re covering our most popular classes for kids in grades K through 8. Discover what students and schools love about our playful, energetic after-school program!

An After-School Program With A Ukulele Class

Ukuleles are among our favorite instruments at After School Music Academy. They’re the perfect starting point for children learning music for the first time since they’re easy to hold, inexpensive, and timeless! By the end of the course, students will know a few chord progressions, learn a couple of songs, and be able to sing along! 

Discover Our Drum Circle Class

Rhythm is innate to the human experience. And kids pick this up naturally! This lively and interactive class aims to teach coordination, cooperation, and the basics of percussion and distinctive tones. Kids absolutely love this one. A big part of our program is choosing age-appropriate instruments for kids. This is a great starter course for any student who wants to get familiar with musical instruments, especially the littlest ones. 

Don’t Forget About Hip-Hop Dance Class

Dance uplifts, unites, and empowers children. And we love bringing this program into schools for how much joy it gives our students. Hip-hop is an exciting way to help kids move their bodies, work on balance and coordination, and develop confidence and social skills. Energetic and contemporary beats ensure kids stay on their feet while burning off their restless energy from the day. And the beauty of this class is that all kids need to bring is themselves!

Other Popular Classes We Offer

The Yoga and Mindfulness class is one of our most unique offerings to ASMA programming. This hour-long class helps kids focus, maintain emotional regulation and concentration, and leaves them more relaxed and happy. Martial arts is yet another addition to our programming that kids love. Providing opportunities to practice the disciplines of the moving arts means kids learn important life skills like balance, coordination, stamina, and resilience. 

Our rock bands are unique from other after-school programs. Rock Band allows kids to practice their unique musical flair while taking to the stage for group performances on guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals. Here’s a full list of classes we offer in addition to these programs. 

Discover More About Our After-School Program

Letting kids be kids is an art form. Our classes prove our dedication to kids’ arts and music enrichment through the quality, variety, and effectiveness of each unique offering.  Get to know After School Music Academy’s music and art enrichment classes and see how your district will benefit from hiring us to meet your ELOP requirements! So far, we’re in approximately 15 districts across California, with many reputable partnerships.