Music and movement are powerful tools for enhancing creativity in kids and fostering a love for the arts. ELOP (Extended Learning Opportunities Program) coordinators constantly seek ways to enrich students’ educational experiences in their district. One excellent way to do this is by including ELOP music lesson options in your program! 

As an after-school music partner to California school districts for nearly a decade, we have some top tips for helping you choose a great provider you can rely on year after year. 

Choose an ELOP Music Lesson Provider That Encourages Instrument Exploration

One of the best ways to ignite students’ passion for music is by giving them options. Allowing students to explore their curiosities around musical instruments is key. You can provide several different class types like piano, guitar, drum circle, and even less conventional ones like the ukulele. This hands-on experience will help students discover their preferences and even be surprised by what they like!

Consider Group Activities and Ensemble Playing a Plus

Music is a social art form; group activities and ensemble playing can be incredibly rewarding. In ensemble courses, students collaborate with their peers by forming small bands or choirs and build valuable skills like emotional intelligence and patience. This fosters teamwork and provides opportunities for students to apply what they’ve learned in other educational or academic settings. Ensembles also gives students with a focus on one particular instrument to build skills in an efficient, focused way. 

Look for a Program That Includes Music History and Appreciation

The background and history of the music kids appreciate is a treasured part of what we share in After School Music Academy’s programs. Our instructors come from all over the world and share their musical roots with students. Our world-class educators have a collaborative spirit and love helping students explore the rich history of various musical cultures. Introducing them to iconic composers and musicians while keeping things current with contemporary musicians and styles makes our programs unique and flexible. 

Lastly, Work With a Program That Provides Performance Opportunities and Flexible Scheduling

Nothing boosts a student’s confidence and enthusiasm for music like the chance to showcase their skills in front of family and friends. These recitals and performances are great for community building and bringing together the skills students have learned throughout the school year. They provide a sense of accomplishment and a reward for the student’s hard work. 

Recognizing that schools are juggling multiple priorities means the spaces to host music programs are in high demand. It’s also important that your ELOP music lesson provider understands this and can work within your district’s space constraints. The program’s size is also important. A larger program provider can provide more scheduling slots that work around your district’s needs. 

Experienced and Sustainable ELOP Music Lessons at After School Music Academy 

Now that you have a clearer idea of how to design your ELOP music lesson offerings for the rest of the school year, it’s time to take action! Consider enrolling in the After School Music Academy for your school district. Our academy specializes in providing high-quality music education to students from transitional kindergarten through grade 12. 

With our experienced instructors, diverse curriculum, and passion for nurturing young talents, we can be the perfect partner for your ELOP program. Let’s discuss how we can make this school year a transformative experience for your students through the power of music.