What do creativity, consistency, and fun have in common? After-school music programs! While the first months of school can bring hectic schedules, a rush of activities, and a lot of stress After School Music Academy aims to be something students look forward to at the end of the day. For districts, we want to make it easy to source music and movement enrichment programs that are creative and consistent. So, let’s start exploring your options!

Energetic After School Music Programs (Like Rock Band, Cheer, and Guitar Group)

At AMSA, we have more than a few student favorites in our after-school music programs. Here are three top offerings that are striking a chord with our students! 

Rock Band 

Rock Band is an electric experience that allows students to form bands, pair instruments with vocals, and practice their performance skills. This collaborative environment encourages teamwork, communication, and self-confidence. The excitement of performing on stage is an unforgettable experience for young musicians and one they remember.


Cheer is an excellent, constructive outlet for students to express their enthusiasm while building strength and coordination. A combination of learning routines and formations greatly complements other high-energy classes, like hip-hop and martial arts. 

Guitar Group 

Guitar is a universally popular instrument that students love learning! This course is best suited for students in grades one and up. In this group instrument course, students practice strumming patterns and chord progressions and learn to play single-note melody lines.  

Flexible After School Music Programs That Work With Your District’s Limitations

Not all districts are the same. And most have limited time to make arrangements for their after-school music program. Finding dedicated space is an issue for some: working with classroom schedules, flex spaces, and competing with gym bookings for sports programs. We work with what you’ve got, do all the setup and tear down, and, in most cases, provide the instruments for our programs.

Music Equipment Procurement

One of the significant challenges many school districts face when considering an after-school music program is the cost of purchasing musical instruments and equipment. ASMA takes pride in our ability to provide cost-effective solutions to school districts. Our program offers a variety of music classes that allow students to explore different instruments without the burden of costly instrument purchases upfront. 

Whether it’s learning the guitar, violin, or keyboard, we supply the necessary instruments, allowing students to experiment and find their musical passion without financial constraints. Additionally, ASMA enjoys partnerships with reputable music suppliers, enabling us to secure discounted rates for instrument rentals and bulk purchasing. We source and purchase respected instrument brands like Mitchell MU40 Soprano and Concert Ukuleles, Casio CT S200 and SA76 keyboards, and Remo Rhythm Lids.

This cost-effective approach benefits your district’s budget and ensures students have access to high-quality instruments, enhancing their learning experience. We believe that music education should be accessible to all students, and our commitment to cost-effective solutions reflects this core belief.

Balancing a Lot on Your Plate? Let Us Handle After School Enrichment

At ASMA, we love bringing creativity, fun, and consistency to the after-school music program experience. We work with what you’ve got. That includes doing all the setup and tear down and, in most cases, providing the instruments for our programs.

Most school district employees, especially ELOP Coordinators, appreciate getting this aspect of school programming off their plates. Contact us about our school music programs!