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After School Music Academy is among California’s top after-school programs in the Bay Area. Our ELOP-compliant courses are built with the flexible needs of school districts in mind. Customize our course offerings to what your students love most and choose from a boutique selection of music and movement offerings taught by qualified and experienced instructors.

Here’s what else to know about our program:

In 15+ districts across California

100 qualified music/movement instructors

12 innovative arts education offerings

Student Learning Is Our

Top Priority

We like to keep things fun and simple. Creativity helps to unlock student potential. We embrace what they like, from learning contemporary songs in kids’ chorus to strumming along to a simple melody in a ukulele group. Our after-school programs in the Bay Area feature hands-on, activity-centered lessons for kids to play, rehearse, and learn social and emotional skills like collaboration and empathy.

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How We Do It:

  • Boutique method and reliable instructors
  • Flexible set-up and tear-down arrangements
  • A safe and fun environment for kids to express themselves


Meet After School Music Academy’s Founder

David is currently the Director of Instrumental Music at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, which is consistently ranked among the top 10 private high schools in the U.S.

In 2015, David created After School Music Academy after witnessing a need for more music education in the after-school enrichment space. By serving California’s schools through this shortage, David uniquely understands the challenges school districts face to onboard quality music and arts enrichment programs.

In the last decade, ASMA has grown to serve thousands of students each week. ASMA provides programming to students at all levels of the socio-economic spectrum. One of David’s top goals is to get more music into schools where kids do not traditionally receive an arts education.