Great communication, dynamic school partnerships, unique classes, and excellent staffing set an ELOP class apart from regular school programming. Crafting unique learning experiences for kids is an art form at After School Music Academy. We devote countless hours to designing programs that work for the ELOP coordinator, school district staff, and, most importantly, students. From flexible scheduling options to a tailored curriculum, find out how our ASMA is a valuable partner in fostering growth with your students. 

As an ELOP Coordinator, Explore the Difference Between a True Partner and a Music Vendor

A music vendor often presents a plug-and-play solution to your music or movement program offerings with little flexibility or customization. Often, these are large, out-of-state entities that need to be more immersed in the daily operational needs of your district or program. This is why, as an ELOP coordinator, finding a California program provider who is available to receive ongoing feedback from district administrators, teachers, and coordinators is crucial. District priorities change seasonally, and a program that is flexible and customizable around these needs is the type that will go the distance with your district. A true partnership requires presence in the region. 

Strategic and Distinctive Offerings Are Behind the Best ELOP Programs in California

A key aspect of the State of California’s definition of an ELOP program is that offerings must be distinct from normal class-time offerings that students receive. This means that by extending the school day to a ninth hour for after-school activities, the classes must represent a significant offering that regular class hours do not fulfill.

For ASMA, this is easy! We offer many unique programs that regular school-time schedules don’t have. This includes Rock Band for emerging musicians and performers, hip-hop dance class, cheerleading, martial arts, and yoga. At After School Music Academy, our playful, educational approach and show-up-ready attitude includes methods that are boutique, adaptive, and reliable. 

Consistently Staffed Programs Are the Key to Success

The ongoing teacher shortage is a true crisis across California’s school districts as administrators scramble to find bus drivers, cafeteria staff, and teachers to occupy classrooms. This impacts regular class-time programming and is a cause of stress for school administrators and ELOP coordinators alike. But staffing should never be an issue or source of stress when it comes to your Expanded Learning Opportunities Program partner. 

Use your after-school enrichment program provider’s staffing plan to vet which programs have the highest success rates. At ASMA, our student-to-staff ratios are at most 20 students per instructor, ensuring the highest quality of instruction for kids. Our programs operate on school grounds, are open to all students in the district, and do not exceed nine hours of daily combined-in-class instruction and ELOP class time. 

Staffing plans are part of every district’s process for vetting potential ELOP partners, but the conversation needs to go beyond submitting a plan. Districts should be looking for partners who have demonstrated a history of consistently staffing programs. Effectively addressing staffing challenges without limiting access to many students who need programming the most is also important.

Effective ELOP Partners Offer Something Unique to Students

As an ELOP coordinator, expanding students’ lives starts with excellent collaboration and communication with your program provider. You can feel good about providing music and enrichment programs to your district that change student lives daily. 

Every school district’s needs are different, so at ASMA, we encourage ELOP coordinators to talk to us about their needs. When seeking an after-school enrichment partner, you’ll want the most highly qualified and experienced teachers and staff to interact with your students. Have a question for us? Please contact our staff to discuss your ELOP class needs today.